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iineo+ II SMT Pick and Place Machine

 Our iineo+ II SMT placement machine  is a multi function SMT Pick and Place platform with the highest level of flexibility and feeder count in the industry. The machine is widely configurable without the need to compromise on feeder count, placement speed or component capability.

In reality, iineo+ II is one machine with no limits, it is never having to say “no”.

On most of SMT pick and place machines, the heads can only place a specific range of components.It certainly just makes life complicated. As a result you can’t effectively balance that single machine, let alone a complete line.

That’s why iineo+ has genuine line balancing capabilities. All heads and all nozzle positions capable of placing the full range of components. Above all, you don’t have to compromise on feeder positions or throughput speed, production can run as efficiently as is possible.

Firstly iineo+ II is fitted with linear motors and digital cameras. In addition, it utilizes Europlacer’s unique and proven core features such as Integrated Intelligence , intelligent feeders, smart nozzles and 3D. 3D provides guaranteed closed loop control of pick and placement forces for all components.

Importantly, iineo+II  is able to produce very large boards, as it is capable of being configured to manage 1610mm x 600mm size substrates.

The SMT pick and place iineo+ II features two rotary heads on X/Y gantries, each containing 8 or 12 ‘Smart’ nozzles, delivering a maximum placement rate of 30,000 cph (IPC: 24,200 cph)

  • Single XY Overhead Placement Gantry, Employing Linear Motors w/0.5u Resolution
  • One Hi-Speed, Precision Placement Head; (1) 12-Spindle Turret G1 with Global Z and T Axis Movement,
  • Vacuum Verification System
  • Precision Optical ‘Presence’ sensing for “smaller” (0201,01005) SMT Components
  • Component Processing Range: 0100” to 2.00” Square QFP’s/BGA’s (Expands to 2.75” Square QFP/BGA and 4” Long Connectors with Optional Upward Camera)
  • 3DPS Technology (Automatically compensates for height variation at pickup and placement)
  • 1 PCB Fiducial/Self Teach CCD Cameras
  • 1 On-the-fly Components CCD Camera
  • Integrated Vacuum Generator (Leybold)
  • 1×6 “Smart” Nozzle Magazine (automatically verifies correct nozzle types)
  • 264×8 mm Feeder Capacity (8×33)
  • Automatic Part recognition Capability (employs Camera to profile part)
  • In-Line PCB Conveyor System with Manual Conveyor Width Adjust
  • 1 PCB underboard/Anti-Warp System
  • Auto-Adaptive Sequencing (ASS)
  • Integrated PC computer with Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard and Track Ball
  • Technical Documentation, Manuals and Diagrams
  • Complies with CE Machine Directive 89/392/EWG/EC

    EP710 SMT PCB Screen Printer

    Flexible automation is at the very center of the platform. EP710 Series printers are comprehensively equipped with almost every parameter fully programmable.

    That’s how they address the critical demands of fast set up and product changeover to streamline your assembly throughout. Automation features include closed-loop print head control, fully programmable board stops and pneumatic board clamping, as well as direct SMEMA compatibility for easy automated SMT production line integration.

    The EP710 Series is the ideal platform for low and medium volume assembly in any challenging high-mix surface mount environment.


    Divergent Innovation’s EP710 avi printer can optionally deploy the unique Advanced Dispense Unit (ADU) or the ADU+ to dispense a wide range of media including paste, glue and flux via removable temperature-controlled modules. Simple drag & drop programming imports from Gerber files, allowing full and easy customization of deposits as dots or lines onto any substrate.

    Using latest-generation motor drive and control technology, including 1micron resolution linear encoders on all axes, EP710 Series platforms deliver exceptional throughput capabilities for even the most demanding high-volume applications. With the addition of the Velocity or Velocity+ option, the printers achieve best-in-class speeds of 8-second or 6-second core cycle times

    • Comprehensively Equipped with Advance Features as Standard
    • Highly efficient vacuum-assisted under stencil cleaning. Fully programmable. Wet or dry, with or without vacuum
    • Auto stencil load and eject streamlines product changeover
    • Closed loop dual squeegee control for print process optimization. Fully programmable print parameters
    • Defect prevention with programmable Optical Paste Bead Management. Verifies solder paste presence on the stencil. Alerts to insufficient volume. Safeguards quality
    • SmartCal cost-free instant process calibration
    • Maximum positional accuracy with 1micron resolution linear encoders on all axes C


     Exceptional repeatability and print accuracy stem from meticulous alignment. Our patented Dual Roving Camera (DRC) technology precisely aligns the board and stencil, checks for solder paste presence on the stencil before printing. DRC innovations include SmartCal, a zero-cost calibration utility designed to maximize and maintain your process window and deliver optimum performance for the life of the printer platform.


    Europlacer printer platforms are refined, robust, design-optimized products built to last. Be assured that ep710 Series printers will perform identically in a decade as they do when new.

    MIRTEC MV-6 OMNI 3D Optical Inspector

    One of the worlds most advanced optimacal inspection systems

    ● High-Speed / High-Performance 3D AOI MACHINE

    ● FIFTEEN MEGA PIXEL CoaXPress Camera Technology

    ● Advanced Eight Phase Color Lighting System

    ● 10 Micron / Pixel Precision Telecentric Compound Lens Design

    ● Integrated Ten Mega Pixel SIDE-VIEWER® Camera System

    ● Precision Closed Loop AC Servo Drive Motor System

    ● Extremely Simple Programming and Operation

    ● Exclusive OMNI-VISION® 3D Inspection Technology

    ● Superior Lifted Lead Detection for Gull Wing Devices

    ● FULL 3D Co-Planarity and Solder Fillet Inspection Capability

    ● Superior Defect Detection, Absolute Lowest False Call Rate

    MIRAE MAI-H4 Through Hole Pick and Place Machine

    Our custom made Mirae MAI-H4T is the only one of its kind in the United States.

    This through-hole pick and place machine is able to pick and place thousands of parts onto a PCB per hour. Retaining the capability to place these through-hole parts automatically increases production rates and repeatability.

    ● A hybrid machine which uses SMT Mounter Technology to sense through the hole type components.

    ● Assured quality by SMT level accuracy and dual inspection sources (Vision & Laser)

    ● Utilizing 4x access precision heads, the MAI-H4 allows through hole components to be placed rapidly with extreme accuracy

    ● Component inspection with Vision Camera.

    ● Lead inspection with laser align unit.

    ● Component height inspection with Z Height Measurement Device (ZHMD) after placement.

    Vectra Elite VC3 Wave Solder

    Our Vectra Elite wave solder station provides the capability to solder large quantities of through-hole placed parts to ensure proper joining of parts to the PCB.

    • All Electrovert waves are lead free qualified and optimized as standard.
    • Solder nozzle features like the DwellMax Plus™ and DwellMax Ultra™ deliver exceptional soldering performance for demanding processes and applications.
    • Preheat accessibility is quick and easy from the front of the machine.
    • The IsoThermal convection preheat utilizes heat on intake technology. The heating uniformity is very effective and efficient across the entire heating area.
    • See the specifications section for the comprehensive list of features Solder Module offers.
    • All Electrovert wave systems have a lifetime warranty on the solder pot casting (applies to original owner.)
    • See the specifications section for the comprehensive list of features for every soldering process and application

    For N2 soldering applications, the available features include:

    • N2 boundary soldering (inert at the waves.)
    • Short N2 tunnel (inert the entire solder module area and wave.)
    • Full N2 tunnel (inert all preheat sections, the entire solder module and at the waves)

    Accessibility Features:

    • Lift up hoods with gas shocks and hinged swing-out panels provide unobstructed access to the front of the machine.
    • Integrated step across front of machine provides exceptional accessibility for processing set-up DwellMax Plus Full access to all modules. Such as the IsoThermal Convection Preheat (ICP) & Optional Dual Head S.
    • ServoJet Fluxer Types:
      • ServoSpray spray fluxer (single head or dual head.)
      • ServoJet jetted spray fluxer (available in single head, dual head and OA types.)
      • ServoSonic ultrasonic type spray fluxer Rolled out Solder pot Conveyor.
    • Single continuous finger type conveyor through the entire length of machine.
    • No limitation on board length (min and max)
    • Robust conveyor design capable of 100lbs (43.4 kg) evenly distributed throughout the conveyor length.

    Additional Features

    • DwellFlex 4.0 Solder Nozzle with Nitrogen Tunnel.
    • DwellMax Plus Solder Nozzle with Nitrogen Tunnel.
    • ExactaWave Automatic Wave Height.
    • Features for Value in Wave Soldering.
    • Preheat Features.
    • Quick Change Solder Pot.
    • ServoJet Fluxing Application System.
    • ServoSonic Flux Application System.
    • ServoSpray Flux Application System.
    • Short Nitrogen Tunnel Feature.
    • UltraFill Solder Nozzle.

    Heller 1809 Reflow Oven

    Our Heller 1809 Reflow Oven provides the capability to precision melt the solder the paste printed onto the boards ensuring proper joining of SMT parts to the PCB.

    The World’s Best SMT Convection Reflow Ovens for High-Throughput Applications

    ● Highest Yield Reflow Ovens!

    ● Maintenance Free Reflow Ovens!

    ● Lowest Delta T on the board

    ● Lowest Nitrogen & Electrical Usage!

    ● VOID Free functionality

    Highest Yields and Tight Process Control:

    • The most efficient heat transfer from extra high volume, high velocity, heating modules, producing heater module response of less than one second to temperature changes of less than 0.1ºC, thereby maintaining profile integrity for heavy board loads.
    • Wide Process Window for “Universal Profiling”
    • Allows many different boards to be run on a single temperature profile.
    • Advanced 5 Thermocouple PCB Profiling and Process Parameter Logging Capability
    • Capacity to store up to 500 temperature recipes and 500 profile graphs.
    • With a high capacity, 26in wide heater module, the 1900 Mark III Series offers unmatched flexibility in board handling. The oven may be fitted with an adjustable single-rail edge hold conveyor/mesh belt combo, to carry even the largest boards or multi-board panels (up to 20in wide) through the oven.

    100% American Turnkey Manufaturing

    Unlike other manufacturers, you give us the designs,
    we do the rest. 

    Learn more about just how advanced Divergent Innovations is in the manufacturing arena.