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For Critical Missions That Cannot Fail

What is Divergent Innovations™️?

Unrivaled Quality, Capability, & Security for Government Technology Development / Production

Divergent Innovations produces electronics for critical, NO FAIL missions. Employing our state of the art production assets and expert personnel, we manufacture to the highest levels of quality and durability.

Some of the Most Advanced Equipment in the Industry

Europlacer IINEO+ PCB Pick and Place

Our State-of-the-art Europlacer IINEO Surface Mount Technology (SMT) pick and place equipment is able to pick and place the smallest of electronic components on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) at rates up to 12,000 parts per hour per machine.  With the various picking nozzles we are able to pick the smallest parts, to very large SMT parts and place them on the PCB with accuracy measured in microns.

Mirae MAI-H4T PCB Pick and Place

Our custom made Mirae MAI-H4T is one of only two in the United States. This through-hole pick and place machine is able to pick and place thousands of parts onto a PCB per hour. Retaining the capability to place these through-hole parts automatically increases production rates and repeatability.

Mirtec MV-6 OMNI Optical Inspector

Our Mirtec MV-6 OMNI Optical Inspector provides our customers with an optical record of all finished PCB’s inspected with this technology.  The MV-6 OMNI utilizes multiple camera heads to be able to inspect the solder of both large and small parts to ensure the joining was made correctly.  Having the optical record allows ease in monitoring and reporting Quality as required under various contract requirements.

Vectra Elite VC3 Wave Solder

Our Vectra Elite wave solder station provides the capability to solder large quantities of through-hole placed parts to ensure proper joining of parts to the PCB.

Heller 1809 Reflow Oven

Our Heller 1809 Reflow Oven provides the capability to precision melt the solder the paste printed onto the boards ensuring proper joining of SMT parts to the PCB.

Europlacer EP 710 Board Printer

Our Europlacer EP 710 printer provides the capability to screen print solder paste onto PCB’s prior to being fed into the IINEO SMT pick and place unit to provide an even and appropriately placed amount of solder paste onto only those surfaces that require solder paste, accurately and repeatably.

State of the Art Production Capabilities

Utilizing the same equipment that built the electronics in the F-35 fighter, our production assets can be rapidly deployed to create advanced military and homeland security technologies.

Micron Level Optical Inspection

Our Mirtec MV-6 OMNI Optical Inspector provides us with in-process inspection and Quality Control measures to ensure that we are making the finished parts as required by the customer.  In addition, for those customers requesting this service, Optical Reports and records of lots and parts used to fabricate specific PCB’s can be supplied.


No Part too Small

Our state-of-the-art IINEO pick and place equipment currently has the capability to pick and place the smallest SMT parts accurately.  In addition, this equipment has come designed to add new nozzles to pick and place the envisioned next generation of even smaller SMP parts!

Custom Development & Production

If your project needs the assistance of a veteran Engineering Department to finalize and optimize your PCB design, and make suggestions for specific components to go on your board, our Engineering Department has many years’ experience in completing board designs and selecting components commensurate with the quality and dependability requirements of your project.

Rapid Deployment

For Customers with a board-ready design, we can have boards and parts available in a few days and prototype finished boards in a week for your high priority projects. 


100% board serialization Parts Traceabiltiy

All PCB boards produced can be serialized as specified by the customers’ requirements and our machines provide 100% traceability of parts placed to ensure the functionality of your technology. 

Small Batch Ultra High Quality Production

Ramping up production to meet your needs is what we look forward to. Our Engineering and Purchasing Departments excel ensuring the exact requirements of your products are met to the highest quality.

Experts in Small Batch, Ultra High Quality Production

We understand the importance of building custom mission critical electronics with ultra precision

The Mission comes first always

The electronics we manufacture are for critical missions. We build to your timeline and exact specificaltions to ensure mission success. 

security, opsec, compartmentalization

We have spent years working in sensitive environments and on projects that require the highest levels of security.

100% American Turnkey Manufacturing


Our goal is to make the production process as simple as possible for our customers. Divergent Innovations™️ offers 100% American turnkey manufacturing which means you provide the design and we take care of everything else.