About Divergent Innovation

Divergent innovation is a small batch ultra high quality electronics manufacturer focusing national security, department of defense, and sensitive electronics production.

Utilizing the same state of the art machines that built the electronics in the united states air force F-35 fighter, Divergent Innovation has the ability to build some of the worlds smallest micro electronics to the highest quality and precision. Our IINEO+ PCB pick and place machine is so precise that is can place parts 3x smaller than the tip of a sewing needle within 10,000ths of an inch accuracy.

Building electronics that are meant for critical missions, Divergent Innovation utilizes one of the worlds most advanced 2D and 3D optical inspection systems capable of 10,000ths of an inch resolution ensuring that the electronics built will not fail. Our production techniques ensure that the electronics we manufacture are stronger and longer lasting compared standard production practices.

Divergent Innovation offers 100% American turnkey production services which means our customers simply give us their design and we do take care of everything else

Precision micro electronics production for missions that cannot fail.

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